Vol 12 (2012)

Table of Contents


Studies on the Effect of Pulsing on Vase Life of Narcissus CV. Texas under Different Holding Solutions PDF
M A A Siddique, N H Masoodi, Muzain Masoodi, Shameen Iqbal
Studies on the Impact of Different Biocides and Anti-Ethylene Compounds on Vase Life of Rose Cv. Kardinl PDF
Nazir Hamid Masoodi, C R Gupta, M A A Siddique, Muzain Masoodi
Computer Simulation Studies on a Single Cylinder Four Stroke Cycle Spark Ignition Engine Using Gasoline and Blend of Ethanol and Gasoline as Alternative Fuels PDF
M Marouf Wani, M Mursaleen
Ethno-medicinal Plant Resources of Jabalpur District, Madhya Pradesh PDF
Karuna S Verma, Zareen Baksh
Human Lung Carcinoma Cells Directly Interact with Monocytes in- vitro to Trigger Robust Release of TNF-α from Monocytes and Autocrine IL-6 Secretion PDF
Qazi Danish, Raies Ahmad Qadri
Habitat Ecology of Cyprinid Fish Community in Relation to Environmental Factors of Tunga and Bhadra Rivers, Western Ghats, Karnataka (India). PDF
Shahnawaz Ahmad, M Venkateshwarlu
Perioperative Observations During Surgical Management of Bovine Obstructive Urolithiasis PDF
J D Parrah, B A Moulvi, H Akhtar, N Handoo
Proportion of Fusiform and Ray Initials in Populus nigra L. of Temperate Climate of Kashmir Himalaya PDF
Bilal Ahmad Wani, Amina Khan
Estimating Daily Stream Flow in the Glacierized Mountainous Kashmir Himalayan Basin PDF
Reyaz Ahmad Dar, Shakil Ahmad Ramshoo
Biological Control Agents of Lepisma saccharina (common silverfish) PDF
Shafiq Ahmad Wani, Ummer Rashid Zargar, Gowhar A Dar, G A Bhat
Can We Convince Veterinarians About Positive Aspects of Parasites? PDF
Ummer Rashid Zargar, M Z Chishti, M I Rather

ISSN: 09725407