Biological Control Agents of Lepisma saccharina (common silverfish)

Shafiq Ahmad Wani, Ummer Rashid Zargar, Gowhar A Dar, G A Bhat


Lepisma saccharina being a popular household pest is often a matter ofconcern in bookstalls, libraries, archives and residential houses. Though several chemical formulations are available in market but the habit of silverfish of living in crevices and being nocturnal in nature limits their application. Besides their application needs expert knowledge and they are environmentally harmful. The application of natural predators to eliminate silverfish is itself annoying. Thus an experiment, to find out easily available and environmentally friendly substances to get rid of these pests, was carried out. Several commonly occurring plants of Kashmir region were used to observe their effects on silverfish in proximity. A known number of organisms were introduced into separate boxes containing the repellent plants and the number of organisms escaping as well as dying were observed and recorded. The highest repelling effect was observed for pyrethrum and lowest for willow leaves. The concentration of the repellentshowed a positive correlation with their repelling effects.

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