Habitat Ecology of Cyprinid Fish Community in Relation to Environmental Factors of Tunga and Bhadra Rivers, Western Ghats, Karnataka (India).

Shahnawaz Ahmad, M Venkateshwarlu


Fish assemblages were sampled by standard methods and assessed inrelation to environmental factors from Tunga and Bhadra river systems, Western Ghats, Karnataka. Cyprinids were found to be the most dominant group in the assemblage composition with 62.3%. They dominated the fish populations at all sites in terms of species richness and numerical abundance. Among cyprinids 5 species were most dominant and incidences of occurrence were about ≥55% for these five species, but overall most of the species were found at ≥15% of all the sites. Both the rivers exhibited dissimilarity in cyprinid occurrence and composition. Cyprinids represented all 14 sites, being highest in Balehonnur (99.42 %)and lowest in Hosalli (36.73%).

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