Computer Simulation Studies on a Single Cylinder Four Stroke Cycle Spark Ignition Engine Using Gasoline and Blend of Ethanol and Gasoline as Alternative Fuels

M Marouf Wani, M Mursaleen


This paper describes the results of computational studies on a singlecylinder four stroke cycle spark ignition engine using ethanol-gasoline blends as an alternative fuel to petrol. The simulation is done in the professional engine simulation software from AVL Austria named as BOOST( AVL, 2009). The modeling methodology involves the use of first law of thermodynamics and Navier -Stokes equations. The software gave successful results in both the cases. It was observed that the power output was reduced by about 35% with 85% ethanol blended gasoline as an alternative fuel due to its lower calorific value, there was increase in brake specific fuel consumption due to lesser  power under similar conditions and due to   lower calorific value of ethanol blended gasoline. The CO emissions were reduced with ethanol blends as fuel because of less carbon atoms, NOx was reduced with ethanol blended gasoline due to lesser exhaust gas temperatures as compared to pure gasoline. The exhaust gas temperatures were higher by about 12% with pure gasoline mode , and HC emissions were also reduced    with ethanol blends due to better combustion as the inherent oxygen in ethanol assists in combustion.  it is proposed that 85% ethanol +15% gasoline blend can be successfully usedin petrol engine as an alternative fuel.

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