Studies on the Impact of Different Biocides and Anti-Ethylene Compounds on Vase Life of Rose Cv. Kardinl

Nazir Hamid Masoodi, C R Gupta, M A A Siddique, Muzain Masoodi


The laboratory experiment was conducted during winter season of year2007-08 in post harvest technology laboratory of Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Raipur (C.G.). Experiment was laid out under completely randomized block design (CRD)     comprised of 13 treatments of biocidal and anti ethylene sources replicated thrice. Results of the experiment reveals that   biocidal and anti-ethylene   compounds enhanced solution uptake (ml), fresh weight(g), flower diameter (cm) and vase life (days) over control. However    8HQC (100 ppm)  resulted  with highest values for solution uptake (22.33 ml) , flower diameter (9.39 cm) and vase life (11.66 days). Minimum solution uptake((13.10 ml), fresh weight (8.20 g), flower diameter (5.22 cm), vase life (5.06 days) resultedwith control (distilled water).

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