Studies on the Effect of Pulsing on Vase Life of Narcissus CV. Texas under Different Holding Solutions

M A A Siddique, N H Masoodi, Muzain Masoodi, Shameen Iqbal


An experiment was conducted to find out the vase life of harvested flowersof Narcissus Cv. Texas in various holding solutions. Different solutions including 1% sucrose, 50 ppm CaCl2, 50 ppm CoSO4, 50 ppm STS and their combinations were tested for standardizing the best holding solutions in order to enhance the vase life.  50 ppm CaCl2 in combination with 50 ppm STS proved to the best in increased solution uptake (15.53 ml to 29.20 ml), enhanced fresh weight of spathe (10.33 g   to 22.13 g), flower diameter(6.36 cm to 11.00 cm), and vase life (12.33 to 18.33 days).

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