Maqsooda S. Sarfi


Abstract:With the collapse of Soviet Union, the Mongolian government besides introducingdemocracy attempted to re-introduce the traditions and customs that existed there beforethe Socialism. In 1990, Mongolia proclaimed its new constitution where it stated thebasic human rights including freedom of religion. Shamanism and Buddhism are back inevery family; likewise construction of both yellow and red sect of lama monasteries arein full swing, Muslim Kazakhs have full freedom of worship, and many Christianchurches are operating in different parts of Mongolia. Both young and old visit religiousplaces and feel pride in their traditions. One finds in every corner near the monasteriesfortune teller lamas predicting the future of the people who stay in queue for long toknow about their coming years. Chingiz Khan is now the hero and founder of theMongol Ulus. Old script is back in schools.The paper will throw light on the customs and traditions of Mongols. How Mongolshave retained past traditions and what is happening with this revival of customs andtradition and its affect on the society on the whole.

Keywords:Tsagan sar, Naadam, name ceremonies, hair cutting ceremonies, greetings, hospitality,India, Mongolia.

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