Vazha Kiknadze


Abstract:India-Georgian relations might have been established with the operation of the Silk Routetrade from Europe – via Caspian to Central Asia and then onwards to India. The earlysources reflecting upon India-Georgian connections are Georgian chronicles, whichestablish Iranian campaigns to India in which Georgian soldiers formed an auxiliary unit.The chroniclers seem to have drawn from oral narratives and passing references withregard to Indian treasures as trophies of war and some legends. The Iranian militarycampaigns are substantiated by the Greek and Arab sources, besides 12th CenturyGeorgian historian of Queen Zamar, who testifies to this campaign and booty acquiredthere from. In the following centuries the evidence of interaction are drawn fromGeorgian philology, in poetry and translations. From 15th Century onwards there areplenty of travelogues by travelers, traders and adventures, where facts about India aremixed with legends and mysteries. However, the intensive trade and cultural relationswere established in 18th – 19th centuries advanced through ambassadorial missions byErable the Zend. The merchant accounts of Khurtsidze, Stephen Zubalashvili, Catholicpriest Anton Khulsishvili and diplomate Rafiel Danibegashivili testify to the activities ofGeorgian interests and involvement with India. The relations during Soviet rule weregoverned by Moscow, which are marked by mutual visits and bi-lateral trade agreementsafter independence.

Keywords:India, Georgia, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Silk Route, Persian army.Introduction:The links between Georgia and India1 supposedly should

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