Ali Ahmad Abu Romman


Abstract:The disintegration of the USSR in December, 1991 and the consequent emergence ofindependent states in Central Asia, Caucasus, and the Baltic were unprecedentedhistorical events in the global politics of modern times. As a result, five independentCentral Asian states of significant geopolitical importance emerged on the vast Eurasianlandscape. It is a land locked region of the gigantic Asian continent contiguous to sixlarge states- Russia in the North-West, China in the East and Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan,Pakistan, and India occupying the whole swathe of Southern fringe. The geographicallocation of Central Asia has been of decisive importance. The 19th century Great Game,Britain’s against Russia, was mainly explained in terms of the strategic significance ofthe region because of its geographical location as the gateway to the Indian subcontinentand the Persian Gulf. In today’s Great Game focus is on how to delink Central Asia fromRussian ethnic domination and to build a polity attuned to democracy and liberal values,also to revamp their shattered economy marked as it is by shortages, inflation andunbalanced and lop sided pattern of development, evolve beneficial programmes ofregional cooperation within the Central Asian states and with neighbouring countries andothers.

Keywords:Central Asian states, US, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, democratization,market economy.

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