Muzaffar Olimov, Saodat Olimov


Abstract:Until recently, Tajikistan paid more attention to the development of relations with thecountries lying in the north. However, the country is now establishing links withcountries in the south and the east through the international transport networks.Construction of new roads, bridges and tunnels, growth of international trade, andmigrations have helped interaction with the neighboring countries, in particular withChina and Afghanistan. Since 2002 and until 2006 the volume of trade betweenTajikistan and China grew 25 times. The largest projects supported by China inTajikistan, in accordance with the framework of SCO, are the construction of a transportcorridor and electric lines. However, restoration of the Silk Route has brought newchallenges, such as Tajikistan‟s participation in "the new Big Game”, religiousextremism, illegal migration, lack of competition with the Chinese goods, etc.

Keywords:China, Russia, Tajikistan, Transport corridors, Trade relations.

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