Information Needs of Physicians and Surgeons of Jammu & Kashmir

S M Shafi, Dr. Mudassir Ashraf Wani


Purpose: The paper attempts to explore the information needs of physicians and surgeons of Jammu & Kashmir

Design/Methodology/Approach: The survey is conducted among physicians and surgeons working at primary, secondary and tertiary health care institutions by administrating a questionnaire employing stratified random sampling.

Findings: The information needs of the physicians and surgeons vary with practice location, affiliation and specialization. Most of the physicians and surgeons need patient data/patient care information, latest medical knowledge, information about new drugs and medical products/equipments.

Originality/Value: The identification of information needs of physicians and surgeons is a maiden attempt for the state of J & K. This study may encourage and foster further research for effectiveness and better performance of medical libraries and information managers in the State.

Keywords: Medical Practitioners, Physicians, Surgeons, Information Needs, Jammu & Kashmir.

Paper Type: Research

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