Managing Knowledge Repository in Kashmir: Leap towards a Knowledge Based Society

Dr. Sumeer Gul, Tariq Ahmad Shah


Purpose: Knowledge is considered as the lifeline of global economy and its proper management leads to successful knowledge economies. Knowledge based society calls for effective knowledge management and a great need is felt in Kashmir, where it is in its teething stage. Times immemorial, knowledge in different forms has emancipated from Kashmir valley but due to number of reasons it couldn’t find its judicious use. So, a need to develop a knowledge based repository to enable collaboration among different societal organizations across the barriers of time and space is felt. The paper discusses the strategies to be adopted for managing a knowledge based repository that can provide the ability to connect end-users to a single gateway of customized, personalized, consolidated, integrated, and enhanced knowledge.

Methodology: Documentary analysis is used to engineer a well managed knowledge based repository.

Findings: The study found that a well managed interplay of men, money and material are the influential factors for nurturing a successful knowledge based platform.

Research Implications: The study does not include all the knowledge management tools/services that can help in building a future vision knowledge repository for Kashmir but includes the ones that can lay down a fundamental platform for the same.

Originality/Value: The study provides the suggestive measures to be implemented to achieve well knitted and effective management processes for the development of a knowledge based repository for a conflict zone-Kashmir.

Keywords: Knowledge Management; Knowledge Repository; Economic Management; Human Resource Management; Knowledge Resource Management; Knowledge Society

Paper Type: Conceptual

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