Evolutionary Rapid Development using open source framework for Geospatial Data Processing

Indranil Misra, S Manthira Moorthi, Rajdeep K Gambhir, R Ramakrishnan


Purpose: In the digital age of 21st century, open source movement is considered to be a new paradigm for software use and development. Evolutionary Rapid Development (ERD) is the concept of integrating software systems based on the reuse of components and by the use of software and architectural templates. The objective of the study is to use ERD fundamentals for exploratory analysis and development of software features, infrastructure and components with the adoption of leading edge open source geospatial technologies for doing geospatial data processing tasks.

Methodology: In the study many open source geospatial tools are evaluated, adopted and integrated using ERD in GIS framework.

Findings: The paper provides an architectural framework for geospatial data processing using evolutionary rapid development technology (ERD).

Practical Implications: This paper highlights the challenges faced by the geospatial software developers to glue systems together and their resolution by using ERD as a technical model.

Keywords: Evolutionary Rapid Development (ERD); Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Open Source Softwares; Geo Processing; Classification

Paper Type: Technical

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