Digital Libraries in Nigeria in the Era of Global Change: A Perspective of the Major Challenges

Bappah Magaji Abubakar Abubakar


The world is witnessing a rapid and progressive transformation as a result of IT revolution, which has predominated all aspects of societal development. One of such transformations has manifested in the form of digital libraries. The evolution of digital libraries has ensured the emergence of global networked environment that has dramatically changed the face of libraries, their functions, services as well as their storage and delivery systems. In this perspective, the paper examines the status of digital libraries in Nigeria. It also analyzes the Nigerian information environment within the context of an escalating situation in terms of funding, infrastructure, and ICT policy. The paper concludes that if digital libraries in Nigeria are to survive, drastic and progressive action needs to be taken to overcome some the aforementioned issues. Governments and sponsoring bodies of libraries must provide all the necessary funding and support for library development especially the digital libraries.

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