An Analytical Review of Quality Attributes of Service-Oriented Architecture

Parminder Kaur, Hardeep Singh


Purpose: Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is becoming an extensive field in research as well as popular architecture pattern because of its support towards quality attributes like performance, scalability, interoperability, reliability etc. Every architecture pattern provides benefits, having positive impacts on quality attributes. On the other hand, each architecture pattern comes with certain liabilities, having negative impacts on quality attributes. This paper makes an effort to illustrate the various factors related to quality attributes of SOA. A tradeoff between various quality attributes is also discussed. The existing as well as future efforts to maintain the quality of SOA are reviewed.
Methodology: The quality attributes like Interoperability, Performance, Security, Reliability, Availability, Modifiability, Testability, Usability and Scalability are very well explained along with their current status as well as future requirements.
Future research: Future work will focus on the analysis of service-level
agreements which help in providing necessary level of services to service
consumers. Still, a great work is required to deal with the quality attributes and quality requirements in SOA life cycle
Keywords: Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA); Interoperability; Performance; Security; Reliability; Availability; Modifiability; Testability; Usability; Scalability
Paper Type: Technical

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