E-learning Strategies for Imparting LIS Education in India: A Pragmatic Perspective of Faculty Members

Sheikh Mohd Imran, Dr. Naushad Ali P.M.


Purpose: The authors have designed and developed an e-learning web-portal for Library and Information Science using an open source software ‘Joomla’. The prototype has been designed keeping in view the perspective of faculty members from twenty universities across India. The portal envisages a space for teachers and other professionals to express their thoughts on any subject that touches their professional lives. It also involves the uploading of material and content created by and for library professionals in English language.
Design/methodology/approach: The investigators examined thoroughly the data received from faculty members for designing and developing of an e-learning system. Various e-learning systems were analyzed, that are currently being used by various universities in India for providing online learning, and an online learning system was designed accordingly that overcome almost all the flaws and tribulations present in those systems. A range of additional options have also been incorporated for improvement in efficiency of the system.
Findings: We lack a full-fledged E-learning system in Library and Information
Science in India. Here is the need to develop an e-learning system in LIS education after evaluating some of the select well known web-based learning systems, which provides free access to LIS professionals, teachers and students. It is an attempt to subside the shortage of contact class programmes due to the phenomenal growth in the number of students. The study will furthermore be helpful for future researchers and students to foothold their knowledge base and will provide roadmap in guiding them in the areas that impinge their interests.
Scope: It is an attempt to provide a better e-learning solution in Library and
Information Science discipline whereby the insights gained have been used to improve pedagogical practices in online learning.
Keywords- e-learning, open source software, Lislearn, web- portal
Paper Type: Technical

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