‘Partial Journalism’—A study of national media of India and Kashmir conflict

Danish Nabi Gadda


Purpose: The paper tries to showcase the difference of portrayal of protest strikes observed in Kashmir by the Indian national media. The researcher has tried to show how the ‘partial journalism’ practiced by the national media has ignored the voice of dissent from Kashmir to favour the official narrative.
Methodology: The study is based on the content analysis of two important and
widely circulated national dailies for a period of 1989-2010.
Findings: The study establishes that the national press has downplayed the strikes in Kashmir Valley either by not publishing the news stories about strikes; by portraying the strikes as “sponsored” programmes of resistance leaders,
“crippling” or “halting” the normal life; or by diluting the details about strikes.
Keywords: Partial Journalism, Kashmir conflict, National Media, media bias,
agenda setting, status-quoist
Paper Type: Content analysis

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