Cloud computing emphasizing emerging possibilities to the entire Information Infrastructure

Prantosh K Paul, Kalyan Kumar, Dipak Chaterjee


Purpose: The paper describes cloud computing and emphasize its fundamental issues, need, and importance. The main aim of this paper is to include but not limited to, the role of cloud computing for virtual information system building.

Methodology: The study is based on the review of existing literature on cloud computing.

Findings: Cloud Computing is one of the important emerging methods for virtualization. This is the type of computing practice in which software, hardware, information technology infrastructure and other resource utilization is possible through virtualized and networked services. This category includes almost all the information providing institutions like information centre, documentation centre, information analysis centre, referral centre, data centre, digital libraries, libraries, digital repositories and so on.

Limitation: The limitation of this study is that it includes limited work of Cloud Computing in Information Science and related fields. Hands on experience as well as real life experience gain regarding this issue are also challenging as still most Indian Information foundations are in developing stage.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Virtualization, Information, Information technology, Advance computing, Information systems, Information centers, Information networks, Information Science.

Paper Type: Review cum Research

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