Citizen journalism and cultural migration of media: A case study of Cj.IBNLive

Ms. Rabia Noor


Purpose: The study has been carried out to draw inferences about citizen journalism trends in India and priorities of citizen journalists. It intends to find out if citizen journalists cover news, which is otherwise missed by mainstream media.
Methodology: The study involved Content Analysis of the pictures and videos posted on the citizen journalism website Cj.ibnlive.
Findings: Citizen journalists highlight the issues confronting them more than the issues that often hog the headlines in mainstream media. They particularly expose the indifference of authorities towards their plight.
Social Implications: Citizen journalism has given ordinary citizens a platform to draw attention to the issues concerning them. It has lent voice to people who otherwise had no means to convey their grievances or put their ideas across.
Keywords: Citizen Journalism, CNN-IBN, IBNLive, ICT, New Media
Paper Type: Research

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