Open Source Systems and Engineering: Strengths, Weaknesses and Prospects

Javaid Iqbal, S.M.K. Quadri, Tariq Rasool


Purpose: This paper reviews the open source software systems (OSSS) and the open source software engineering with reference to their strengths, weaknesses and prospects. Though, it is not possible to spell out the better of the two software engineering processes, the paper outlines the areas where the open source methodology holds edge over conventional closed source software engineering. Then, the weaknesses are also highlighted, which tilt the balance the other way.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The study is based on the works carried out earlier by the scholars regarding the potentialities and shortcomings of OSSS.

Findings: A mix of strengths and weaknesses make it hard to pronounce open source as the panacea. However, the open source does have very promising prospect; owing to its radical approach to the established software engineering principles, it has spectacularly managed to carve a “mainstream” role, that too in just over a few decades.

Keywords: Open Source Software (OSS); Open Source Development Paradigm; Software Engineering; Open Source Software Engineering.

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