Library and Information Science Schools in Northern India: Present Status

Shabir Ahmad Ganaie


Purpose: The aim of the present study is to investigate the prevalent scenario of Library and Information Science (LIS) education system in Northern Indian states to focus about the courses offered, intake capacity, faculty and other ingredients essential for imparting qualitative education in the discipline of library and information science.

Design/Methodology/Approach: Questionnaire tool is employed to obtain data from the institutions imparting education at different levels in Northern India.

Findings: The study reveals that the schools are having appropriate infrastructure; however have a scope for further improvement in areas like knowledge resources available in libraries, computer labs, faculty strength, teaching methodologies and teaching aids.

Limitations: The research restricted to a limited number of institutions highlights different facets of library and information science education in Northern India only.

Research Implications: Findings of the study will facilitate the concerned authorities at the national and local level to take appropriate measures in improving the standard of Library and Information Science education.

Keywords: Library Science, Information Science, Library Science Education, India.

Paper type: Survey cum Research

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