Appraisal and Dissemination of Open Source Operating Systems and other Utilities

Satish S. Kumbhar, Santosh N. Ghotkar, Ashwin K. Tumma


Purpose: In recent years there has been a substantial development in the arena of open source software (OSS) development. Both, academia as well as industry are focusing on developing their software in the open source genre. This paper presents a survey of the Open Source Operating System GNU/Linux and discusses its intricacies at length. It also throws light on some of the extremely popular open source utilities used in diverse sub-domains of Computer Science and Engineering.

Methodology: A profound survey and analysis has been undertaken with regard to the open source to build this compilation.

Findings: The appraisal and dissemination has found that there is a square increment in the usage of OSS in both academia as well as in the industry. It also throws light on the near future of OSS usage.

Research Implications: Any appraise or survey that is conducted today is bound to be superannuated tomorrow. Nevertheless, OSS will continue to remain in the market with newer trends coming in. The paper can be a motivation for further contributions to OSS.

Originality/ Value: The paper conglomerates diverse domain OSS that are used in the market, and highlights their usage with emphasis on their other features as well.

Keywords: Open Source; GNU/ Linux; Utilities; Debian; Mozilla; Apache Web Server; My SQL.

Paper Type: Survey

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