Copyright law and the Academic Libraries: a perspective

Lalitha Aswath, Anjaneya Reddy.N.M


Purpose: The purpose is to emphasize the significance of copyright laws in the academic environment. The origin of the copyright law dates back to 1662 or 1710 of Queen Anne who set a pattern for formal copyright statutes at the international level and in India copyright regime came into practice with the Indian copyright act 1957, amended five times has richly influenced by British copyright act. But not many (even librarians) are aware of its existence and its enforcement, influence on library collection and library services. In India the legal position under the act is that only very specific activities are permitted as regards to libraries and library services and much needs to be done for copyright awareness.

Methodology: This study has used general survey of literature and public opinion with regards to copyright issues.

Findings: Not many were aware of the issues relating to copyright laws.

Keywords: Copyright law, copyright and academic libraries, copyright and digital libraries, Indian copyright act.

Paper Type: Conceptual.

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