Information seeking behaviour of students of Management Institutions in NCR of Delhi

M Natarajan


Purpose: The study reports the most important aspects of Information seeking behaviour of the students, for whom the library and information centres are being maintained. It deals with the libraries of management institutions in National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi. A detailed questionnaire has been circulated and the data analyzed in relation to the availability of information services, the frequency of visits to the library, the gender wise distribution of questionnaire, the nature and type of information required, the major information services used, the purpose of information seeking and the level of satisfaction.

Methodology: Questionnaire is used to collect the data from the students using libraries of management institutions.

Findings: It is found that most of the students use the library daily and the resources are utilized effectively. Internet is used as the major source of information. The respondents are satisfied with the library facilities and services.

Future implications: The study can be further extended to larger number of library users from different management institutions of the country.

Social implications: It acts as a guide to the library professionals to educate the users even in digital environment. The types of collection may be increased from local to national and international level in all subjects and as per the discipline.

Keywords: Information seeking behaviour, e-journals, OPAC, management institutions, information needs.

Paper Type: Survey cum Research

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