Use and Search Pattern of Electronic Resources in Five Autonomous Engineering Colleges (Bengaluru)

G Kiran Kumar, Mallinath Kumbar


Purpose: This study evaluates the use of electronic resources among the faculty in five autonomous Engineering Colleges in Bengaluru. It evaluates the purpose, benefits, preference of web browsers, search engines, file formats, problem faced, and search patterns as the key parameters. It highlights some problems, constraints and forward suggestions for better use of electronic resources.

Methodology/Approach: The structured questionnaire is used for data collection besides personal interview and observation to add clarity.

Findings: The study assesses the faculty awareness and use of electronic resources in their academic and research needs. Besides, familiarity about search patterns for effective retrieval.

Research Limitations: The study is limited to the faculty of the Autonomous Engineering Colleges affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) in Bengaluru Region of Karnataka State, India.

Keywords: e-resources; search pattern; e-resource use; Autonomous Engineering Colleges.

Paper Type: Survey cum Research

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