A New Approach of CLOUD: Computing Infrastructure on Demand

Kamal Srivastava, Atul Kumar


Purpose: The paper presents a latest vision of cloud computing and identifies various commercially available cloud services promising to deliver the infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Design/Methodology/Approach: Cloud computing provides the architectural detail and different types of clouds such as we studied different cloud based architectures like Blue Cloud built on IBM's massive scale computing initiatives, Google Cloud which claims business can get started using Google Apps online pretty much instantly, Salesforce.com consists of development as service, a set of development tools and APIs that enables enterprise developers to easily harness the promise of the cloud computing.

Findings: It was found that Cloud computing is changing the way we provision hardware and software for on-demand capacity fulfillment and changing the way we develop web applications and make business decisions.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce.com.

Paper Type: Survey

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