World Digital Library: A Case Study

Somaira Nabi


Purpose: The study reports the aim and features of the World Digital Library (WDL), one of the pioneer projects reflecting the beauty of digital preservation. The study analyzes the contribution of resources continent wise, type, lingual pattern, time period, subjects covered and institutions to WDL.

Methodology/Approach: The study is based on the content analysis of WDL. Findings: The study clearly reflects a growing trend of cultural and heritage resources in WDL.

Future Implications: The study can be taken a step forward by researching the digital preservation strategies adopted by WDL to safeguard the global heritage wealth.

Social Implications: The study can be an initiator at individual, institutional, regional, national and global level to contribute for enrichment of cultural tastes in WDL.

Keywords: Digital libraries; Digital preservation; Heritage; Culture; Heritage preservation; World Digital Library (WDL)

Paper Type: Research

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