The Development and Challenges of Virtual Library Services in Nigerian Colleges of Education

Tony I Obaseki, A A Maidabino, Fibi H Makama


Purpose: Information handling has become so dynamic today that the development of virtual libraries seems to be the only way out for our academic institutions worldwide. Unfortunately virtual libraries are almost non-existent in many academic institutions. The paper focuses on the conceptualization of the opportunities, challenges, problems and threats faced in the development of virtual libraries with particular reference to the Nigerian Colleges of Education.

Methodology/Approach: The existing system of virtual libraries in Nigeria has been evaluated and has been discussed from different dimensions.

Findings: The need for improved virtual library environment is highly related to enlightenment of various societal elements in Nigeria.

Keywords: Virtual libraries; Digital libraries; Virtual libraries- Nigeria; Tertiary education-Nigeria; Colleges of Education-Nigeria; Information communication technology

Paper Type: Conceptual

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