Use of Knowledge Resources in the Azam Campus (Pune): A Study

Intekhab Alam, Amjad Ali


The paper is based on a study carried out on ten college libraries of Azam Campus (Pune) which investigates utilization of knowledge resources by the students, their level of satisfaction, use and the assistance received. The study was conducted through a questionnaire based survey and supplemented with observations and informal interviews of the sample determined through a calculator available on the Internet. Questions are based on the various aspects of knowledge resources and services and an assessment of Internet based services; its purpose, difficulties, user satisfaction and help in using Internet/OPAL, rating of the staff satisfaction of the facilities and library collection. An overall assessment of the resources and their utilization infers that most of the users are satisfied with theAcilities and services.

PAPER TYPE: Research Paper

KEYWORDS: User Satisfaction, Knowledge Resources, Internet Services, User Behaviour, Surveys

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