Open Source Tools for Varied Professions

Nadim Akhtar Khan


Purpose: The popularity of open source software in contemporary world with the emergence of globally distributed base of developers, contributors and users has given new identity to the present software development industry with growing use of freely available software tools along with the source code by non-profit organisations, universities and commercial establishments to suit their varied requirements. The success of such software tools is evident with the growing number of downloads and users from diverse professions. The present paper makes an attempt to explore some of the most Prominent Open Source tools used for highly specialised professional tasks in the fields of Business Management and Health.

Design/Methodology/Approach:Six most prominent open source tools available in both categories have been identified and discussed based on the popularity owing to number of downloads and prominent features that catch user attention for using such software.

Implication:These tools not only provide means for managing resources in a more sophisticated manner but also provides ample opportunity for non-profit organisations and commercial establishments to attain their goals by taking advantage of prominent features and utilities of such software.

Research Limitations:The paper only highlights prominent open source software tools available in two fields based on their specialised utilities best suited for professional requirements and operations. The scope can further be extended to reveal user satisfaction by way of analysing the experiences of working with such software in different setups.

Keywords: Open Source Software, Business Management, Health.

Paper Type: Article

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