Einstein’s Image Compression Algorithm: Version 1.00

Yasser Arafat, Mohammed Mustaq, Mohammed Mothi


Purpose: The Einstein’s compression technique is a new method of compression and decompression of images by matrix addition and the possible sequence of the sum. The main purpose of implementing a new algorithm is to reduce the complexity of algorithms used for image compression in recent days. The major advantage of this technique is that the compression is highly secure and highly compressed. This method does not use earlier compression techniques. This method of compression is a rastor compression. This method can be used for astronomical images and medical images because the image compression is considered to be lossless.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The idea uses the previous literature as a base to explore the use of image compression technique.

Findings: This type of compression can be used to reduce the size of the database for non- frequently used important data. This technique of compression will be in future used for compression of colour images and will be researched for file compression also.

Social Implications: This idea of image compression is expected to create a new technique of image compression and will promote more researchers to research more on this type of compression

Originality/Value: The idea intends to create a new technique of compression in the compression of image research.

Keywords: Image Compression; Einstein’s Image Compression; New Compression Technique; Matrix Addition Based Compression.

Paper Type: Technical

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