Error Gravity and Learning Cues: A Study of the Intermediate Learners’ English in Odisha

Sasmita Kanungo


Abstract: Error Gravity (Hereafter EG) is the study of errors which tries to compare the seriousness of errors in terms of their frequency or their percentage of occurrence.In other words, it shows the fact that errors are not to be considered/ treated equally. Rather there seems to be an order in which some errors are considered as more grave than others, thus, they will come first and others will follow in a sequential order.

The present paper intends to discuss about three major points:

1. Investigating different types of semantic errors produced by Odia students while writing in English.

2. Enquiring into the frequency of the above types of errors.

3. Finding out which type of semantic error is more serious than the otherby employing a statistical method on the basis of their frequency.

The paper begins with a brief introduction to the concept of “Error Gravity” followed by a pertinent review of literature related to EG. The paper also presentsa neat statistical analysis of different types of semantic errors committed by the Intermediate Odia students which leads to determine the gravity of each error types. Finally the paper throws light on the hierarchy of these semantic errors.

Key Words: Error Gravity, Semantic Errors, Error Hierarchy

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