Borrowing, Code Mixing and Hybridization of English Words in Communication among the Workers of Moradabad Brass Industry

Mohd. Shariq


Abstract: The aim of this paper is to through the light on the aspects like borrowing, codemixing and hybridization of English terms used in Moradabad Brass Industry.The workers in the industry are central to determine organization’s success and therefore it is necessary to examine how the communication takes place among knowledge workers, manufacturers, sellers and buyers in the industry. Several terms are borrowed from English language in domain specific language (language of Moradabad Brass Industry). The term borrowing refers to the full adoption ofterms from contemporary languages during the process of secondary term formation. Some loans of this type of borrowing prove successful and are fully incorporated into a foreign language. Language borrowing has been an interest to various fields of linguistics for some time. The workers mix two or more languages in their speech and the words of other language are also hybridized with the elements of first language.

Key Words: Borrowing, Code mixing, Communication, Hybridization

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