Perception Verbs In Ladakhi: A Cognitive Approach

Konchok Tashi


Abstract: This article is a cognitive semantic account of polysemy in the semantic field of perception verbs in Ladakhi language. It explores why and how our experience and understanding of the five senses constrains and shapes the way in which we create mappings between the physical domain of perception onto more metaphorical and abstract conceptual domains of experience. The different extensions of meaning in these verbs have not taken place as a result of chance,but are grounded in our own conceptualisation of these sense modalities.Therefore, the focus is on the analyses of the meanings of perception verbs in Ladakhi and it shows how the study of polysemous categories play important role in linguistic analysis in terms of prototypes and metaphors that are central to cognitive linguistics.

Key words: Cognitive Linguistics, Perception verbs, Metaphor, Polysemy

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