Identifying Language Functions as Course Objectives and Materials Adaptation for Effective Teaching of ‘Reading’: A Case of Tapestry Series 1 – 3 in an EFL Context

M. Rizwan Khan, Naaz Mustafa


Abstract: Teaching Reading in EFL and ESL contexts has been challenging not only forthe non-native factors but also for various inherent systemic issues. Significant among these issues are the ineffective use of existing materials, lack of material adaptation and obliviousness of the teaching process towards aims and objectives of the course and lessons because teaching is often mistaken as the completion of the course texts. The Present paper seeks to analyse and reach on some suggestions in the light of afore said aspects of the teaching of Tapestry Series(Reading) 1-3 in Department of English, King Khalid University, Abha,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: Language Functions, Course Objectives, Reading Skill,Material Adaptation, Re-sequencing of Lessons, Fluency and Proficiency.

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