Budhali: A Descriptive Note

M. K. Koul


Abstract: Budhali is a link language in Budhal (Rajouri, J&K). There are three ethno-linguistic communities that live in Budhal viz. Kashmiri, Pahari and Gojri. There are native speakers of all the three languages. Budhali, as per the people who speak it, is the language of the descendants of Raja Budh Pal primarily, but at present it is used by all the communities as a link language. It has no literature and also lacks a script. The Census of India groups Budhali speakers under Pahari language. However, Pahari and Budhali, though resembling with one another, are linguistically different speech varieties. The contemporary status of the languageis that it is mother tongue to a significant number of people living in Budhal,Dandoot, Keval, Phalni, Triganyi etc. of the Rajouri district. The present paper isa descriptive note on Budhali, so far an unreported language.

Keywords: Budhali, Number, Gender, Case, Kashmiri, Language,Descriptive, Speech Community.

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